Monica Jahan Bose
My paintings, works on paper, performances and installations are symbolic narratives, embodying the fragmented nature of our contemporary world. I am Bangladeshi and American, an artist, lawyer, mother, and activist, inhabiting many worlds. My work is often autobiographical, responding to the world I experience.

My work addresses my own multi-faceted identity, religious fundamentalism, gender politics, female sexuality, and climate change. The sari blouse and sari are recurring symbols in my work, standing-in for me, the female body, and women's place in the world.

My website is organized by series or installation, such as Indelible Scent, Sari Cloud Installation, Etchings, Drawings, Eye Candy, Mother Tongue, Water, Valentine’s Day/Love, or Sari Blouses, which can be seen by clicking on the corresponding thumbnails under "Portfolio."