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BUS STOP BANGLADESH was a three-part public intervention held on June 4, 12, and 19, 2013 outside the bus stop at Mt. Rainier City Hall featuring the stories and art of 12 women from Katakhali Village, Bangladesh, an island community adversely affected by climate change, presented by artist/activist Monica Jahan Bose, and sponsored by Art Lives Here through the National Endowment for the Arts. Through spoken word, soundscape, and installation, Bose brings the art and stories of a dozen women from a remote Bangladeshi island to Mt. Rainier. Bose and her assistants interact with commuters and residents, handing out biographical cards about each of the 12 Katakhali women and inviting them to touch the saris, wear saris, and engage in dialogue. Many people came out for the whole afternoon, spontaneously assisted with the installation, and shared their own experiences of struggling with literacy.

Bus Stop Bangladesh calls attention to the issues of global literacy and climate change and the critical role of women in bringing about social change.

Bus Stop Bangladesh