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A site-specific installation was created in the atrium of the Embassy of Bangladesh in Washington DC in May 2011 using cotton saris (some burnt), sari blouses, computer cables, straw, and drawings on paper. The installation comments on the iconic position of the sari in South Asia (and the diaspora) and the role women play in maintaining heritage in the midst of globalization. The burnt saris may refer to the eventual disappearance of the sari or to violence against women. I use colors in the red family as a feminist reference to fertility and power. (The alpana designs on the floor were part of the existing décor of the Embassy.)

Sari Pod Installation Video (Click to see)
saris, elecrical cords, drawings on paper, acrylic paint
Sari Stupa Installation
saris, sari blouses, stones, newspaper, and straw
Sari Stupa (close up)
saris, sari blouses, newspaper, and straw